Your experience... for the benefit of the current generation of students at JGU

Share your professional experience and support students and young graduates at JGU and help them launch and develop their careers. You also stand to gain - in the form of insight into the situation of young researchers and artists, new outlooks and ideas, fresh stimuli and an expansion of your own network.

Offer internships and jobs

Does your company or organization use interns? Then give students at JGU the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, further develop and establish a relationship network. At the same time, your organization will profit from the knowledge and new ideas of the students. You can post job and internship vacancies online on our job portal. Naturally you can also offer part time jobs and positions here too
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Corporate presentations

The Career Service of JGU offers various opportunities for showcasing your company and to get to know students; these include annual fair meet@campus-mainz, job speed dating, roundtables, career days and more.
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Give career lectures

You report on your career and on your current job. You can impart to students of JGU your experience at first hand, provide insider knowledge and inspire them to meet their goals.

Become a mentor

Giving and taking in tandem: Help students and doctoral candidates at JGU as they strive to develop a professional identity! As a mentor, you can be a discussion partner for your mentee for a limited period of time, give advice and provide insights.
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Interested? Please contact Max Lindemann (E-Mail, Tel. 06131-3923112).

Become involved... in the Gutenberg Network

Our network lives from the activities of the members and we intend to ensure it continues to grow. Don't have much time? You can even contribute with just a few clicks!

Share, like, stay in contact

Follow us on our social media channels. You'll find the links in the footer. And we of course welcome all likes and shares :)

Tell your JGU story

Tell us you personal JGU story. We look forward to receiving your news, photos, videos and narratives! Simply mail to

Organize an alumni reunion

Would you like to organize an alumni reunion at JGU or elsewhere or would you like to establish a regular alumni round table? We'd be happy to help you! Simply mail to

Get to know the world right at home

Are you willing to give international students attending JGU some insights into your day-to-day life? Would you like to work on your foreign language skills? Want to experience more in the company of interesting people? Do you live in or near Mainz? Then why not participate in the ‘Foreigners become Friends’ program of the Mainz Student Union?
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Your contact for additional information and any questions is Max Lindemann (E-Mail, Tel. 06131-3923112).

Your support... for JGU

Make a donation to help fund current JGU projects and drive them forward. Perhaps you’d like to be involved in the long term efforts to ensure JGU takes its place at the forefront of teaching and research? We'd be glad to advise you!

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship: Promoting the best JGU talents

Support the excellent young talents at JGU through your business or organization or as a private individual. You'll be required to invest an amount of €1800 (tax deductible) to fund a scholarship. And the most exciting thing is that the German government will match your donation, so that the scholarship holder will receive €300 a month over the course of a year. Since the beginning of the program in 2011, we have been able to promote the work of more than 1000 outstanding and socially engaged JGU students with the help of a Deutschlandstipendium scholarship thanks to the support of our partners, alumni and friends. Please note that any size donation is welcome, and smaller amounts will be bundled into one scholarship.
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Help by making a donation

Donate to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz or the Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation and you will be directly supporting projects relating to research, teaching and the promotion of young research talent. The entire amount of your donation will go either to the project of your choice, such as the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Or you can decide that we should use your donation where it is needed most.
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Become a member of the 'Friends of Mainz University' association

It is through the ‘Friends of Mainz University’ association established in 1951 that JGU has maintained a vibrant relationship with ordinary people, Gutenberg alumni, institutions and companies - not just within Mainz but also across state borders. The ‘Friends’ are interested in promoting academic activities and research at JGU, young talent and the university culture.
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The Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation – promoting knowledge

By becoming involved with the Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation, you can directly help promote sustainable education and research at JGU - entirely in accordance with what you consider to be suitable and appropriate. The Johannes Gutenberg University Foundation is autonomous and independent in its decision-making - a great basis for promoting knowledge! We will be happy to help and advise you.
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Interested? Your contact for any information is Dr Kristina Pfarr (E-Mail, Tel. 06131-3927007).