Gutenberg alumni: Who belongs?

The term 'alumnus' (Latin for pupil, from alere = to nurture, raise, feminine form 'alumna') first became used in its current meaning in the mid-17th century. In Germany, it was originally used to designate a student of an 'alumnat' (a boarding school). It is now used generally for people who have attended a university or are past members of an organization. In our view, anyone who has studied, taught, researched or worked in some other fashion at Johannes Gutenberg University qualifies as an alumnus or alumna of JGU. All those who are current members of the university are part of our network.

Central Gutenberg Alumni Team

Maintaining contacts with alumnae and alumni around the world is something on which JGU places particular emphasis. The Central Gutenberg Alumni Team works on behalf of the university management board to coordinate interdisciplinary alumni-related activities and the Gutenberg Network. In addition, we act as a service provider in connection with all alumni-related events at our university: We provide support to faculties, institutes and heads of associations to help facilitate their work on behalf of alumni.
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Alumni representatives

Alumni representatives on the department level offer services which provide, in good university tradition, the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and former students of a faculty, an institution or an institute. Most groups in our networks are moderated and managed by one or another of them.
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"We need to keep focused on our shared responsibility"

"We need to keep focused on our huge shared responsibility for the training and education of people thoughout the world. During my time at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, first the world came to me and then I had the opportunity to go out into the world. I was lucky enough to enjoy an excellent level of education, to make friends, and to learn how important it is to be prepared for the diverse challenges of our global village – all in an atmosphere of tolerance and togetherness with a unique international flavor."

JGU-Alumnus Prof. Dr Lazarus Hangula,
Rector of the University of Namibia, 2004-2018